The Brief

WeWork looked to create a ‘Summer Camp’ – a mini-festival for staff and WeWork members to immerse themselves in community, and leave feeling refreshed and inspired. Summer Camp was to be an all-inclusive weekend of camping, eating, meeting, and playing in the great outdoors.

What we did

Over the 3 days and nights we sourced and scheduled an eclectic range of activities with best-in-class instructors in fitness, food, fashion, networking and sports on land and in our very own lake. Guests were able to create their own experience or follow our carefully curated journey of physical and mental wellness.

The Summer Camp had 5000 guests, sometimes wanting to eat and drink simultaneously, so we designed and built kitchens and catering facilities to accommodate these demands without compromising on the quantity or quality of output.

We created an entertainment arena featuring a large stage set-up which hosted DJ and music performances including a headline set from Florence And The Machine.

Let's do this