The Brief

The Manual went to talkSPORT with an idea – to bring their brand to life for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The leading sports radio station prides itself on being ‘powered by fans’ so we pitched them the talkSPORT Fan Zone: a destination for football fans and listeners to enjoy the biggest sports tournament in the world.

What we did

After extensive research, 26 Leake Street London provided the perfect venue with a series of multi-functional zones and tunnels, plus unrivalled access via Waterloo Station. We wanted to make this the ultimate fan experience so made sure we got the fundamentals right. 21 large screens and 4 big projectors meant everyone had an uninterrupted view of the match. Giant bars ensured fans were served a chilled beer promptly, in addition to multiple stations to order fresh, hot food.

Once we had the essentials locked, it was all about those extra touches that made this unmistakably talkSPORT. Firstly, we showed every match from the World Cup as opposed to just the UK teams. This created a fun and welcoming home-from-home for all nationalities. Next, we built a performance stage so talkSPORT could broadcast their biggest and best radio shows live from the venue providing that extra ‘wow’ factor for those attending in real life. The entertainment didn’t stop there, with live Q&As with talkSPORT talent plus live DJs keeping the party going after matches. Every wall in the venue was dressed with flags, branding, World Cup trivia, and famous football quotes immersing guests further into the football experience. Plus, we recreated the infamous talkSPORT dugout so people could have their photos taken from the seats they’ve seen their sporting heroes enjoy across their socials. We welcomed talkSPORT sponsors into the venue to activate their brands on-screen and on the ground providing an immediate and exciting new way to engage with the radio station’s audience.

Finally, we built the talkSPORT Tavern – a VIP zone with a dedicated entrance for execs, talent, brand partners and competition winners. The tavern had its own distinct aesthetic with iconic World Cup photography, branded lightning bolt wallpaper, and a custom-built ‘traditional pub’ bar that created a cosy, but comfortable feel. Again, screens lined the walls in every direction ensuring not a single moment of action was missed.

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