The Brief

After the success of our event production in 2019, Heineken invited us back to create their Annual Forum 2022. These flagship conferences host over 150 senior delegates from all over the world, representing Heineken and its portfolio of brands. The forum’s purpose is to discuss the company strategy whilst also promoting a sense of community and togetherness. Each year demands an ambitious and innovative way for these keynote moments to be presented.

What we did

For 2022, Amsterdam was chosen as the host city. Over the three days, the forum needed to be the perfect balance of presentations, networking, and moments of relaxation for the delegates. We brought the subject of the forum to life: Ever Green – digital routes to a sustainable future – by creating an ever-evolving, enchanting and vibrant forest within a warehouse, combining real natural elements – trees, rocks and grass – with leading technology such as soundscaping and projection mapping. The combination of these elements not only heightened delegates’ experience but created a unique, welcoming environment that drove the narrative over three days.

We handled every stage and element of the event – including creative concepts, design, conference scheduling, production, implementation, and on-site management.

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