The Brief

This year, HEINEKEN’s Annual Forum was hosted in Athens. Following the success in Amsterdam, we were challenged to create an equally impressive experience, but this time focusing on celebrating consumer moments & brand innovations.

These flagship conferences host over 160 senior leaders from all over the world, representing Heineken® and it’s portfolio of brands. The 2-day event brings these leaders together to share ideas, inspire each other, with a focus on the delivery of their EverGreen strategy.

What we did

Being based in Greece, this year’s core inspiration was creating an amphitheatre. With our application incorporating a semi-circular layout with tiered seating, we were able to create an inclusive and engaging setting for Forum 2023. Our auditorium was brought to life, with our enormous 50m wrap-around screen, showcasing new ideas, inspiring content & narratives of collaboration.

The event took place in the iconic Athens Conservatoire, renowned for theatre & music. We ensured this was celebrated by opening the event with an uplifting and energy-boosting performance by local musicians, setting the tone for the event.

For the breakout experiences, we created 6 immersive zones – the demand spaces, which showcased where consumers interact with Heineken products every day. Delegates engaged and interacted with the spaces learning more about consumer trends and what products are being innovated to keep up with consumer needs.

We handled every stage and element of the event – including concept creation , design, conference scheduling, production, implementation, and on-site management.

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