Don Papa Sugarlandia Tasting

The Brief

When the premium rum brand Don Papa approached The Manual and asked us to bring the mystical spirit of ‘Sugarlandia’ to life through an exciting rum sampling event at the breathtaking Outernet in central London, we were excited! The event’s objectives were three-fold: to give out as many samples as possible, communicate where you could buy Don Papa Rum, and educate them on the brand’s heritage and spirit of its origin.

What we did

Using Outernet Now Trending space, we immersed the public in Don Papa Rum’s fantastical world of ‘Sugarlandia’, inspired by the island of Negros in the Philippines. Part Real. Part Myth. All Heart.

Enchanting, masked dancers lured the public into the space with their captivating performances and costumes, creating an atmosphere of curiosity and exoticism.

Once inside, we designed a timeless setting that mirrored the lush and fertile land where the rum’s sugarcane grows. A jungle-like environment was created, adorned with plants and themed props to evoke the essence of ‘Sugarlandia.’

At the center of the space, a mirrored bar took prominence, reflecting the bright and vibrant ‘Sugarlandia’ content playing on screens, this ambiance filled the room with the same rich vibrancy found in every drop of Don Papa Rum. Our enthusiastic bartenders served Don Papa cocktails, taking the opportunity to educate the guests about the intricate blending process and the intense flavours of the rum. Through out the two live dates, they served over 3000 samples.

To establish a more direct connection to the brand, we strategically placed two QR codes on the entry and exit windows. These QR codes were linked to information about local stockists and bars where customers could enjoy Don Papa Rum.

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