The Brief

We pitched to Channel 4 to help them launch new drama, and network priority Somewhere Boy. The client indicated they wanted to find an immersive way to introduce the press and influencers to the main character and his world. The venue needed to be alternative, and the event needed to have an abundance of photo opportunities whilst also providing the functionality of a press screening.

What we did

After extensive watches (and rewatches) of the series we identified key moments and themes in the series that could become activations. In collaboration with Channel 4 and (Production Company) Clerkenwell Films, we decided to create the main character’s house amongst a dream-like forest that also appears in the show.

Hoxton Docks, London was our venue of choice. A location full of character and surprise, offering the worn aesthetic so prominent in the show.

An immersive soundscape was created using audio stems from the show, whilst soundbites from the main characters eerily played out from cleverly positioned walkie-talkies to the amazement of our guests. This built to a surprise audio-visual moment where we changed the entire state of the room to reveal a hidden screening room.


Somewhere Boy made heavy use of old furniture and appliances, so we dressed the venue and set with vintage TVs that played trailers, in-show content and live camera feeds to bring guests into this world. Whilst our forest aesthetic grew beyond the set serving as dressing in all areas from the venue entrance, through corridors, around the bar and even in the toilets.

The cast, VIPs and biggest social influencers were able to experience the authentic set whilst playing Scalextric, golf, paint what makes them happy, and dress up on camera just like in the story.

Amongst all the theatre, were the press launch mainstays of a camera-ready step and repeat plus an interactive photo booth that offered guests a branded physical photo and digital GIF as keepsake.

After the screening, Roman Kemp hosted an exclusive Q&A with cast and writer, before guests returned to the immersive space to be presented with a new lighting state and live DJ set to finish the night.

Let's do this