Diriyah in London

The Brief

As part of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) is transforming the city of Diriyah into what will become the world’s largest cultural and heritage destination.

The 63.2Bn development of the city is inspired by the timeless Najdi architecture of At-Turaif, a UNESCO World Heritage site, an evolution that will see Diriyah positioned as Saudi’s premier lifestyle city to live, visit, work, shop and eat – with emphasis on sustainable living and wellness by design.

However most people are unaware of Diriyah, least of all the city’s historical significance as the birthplace of the Kingdom.

To drive awareness of Diriyah’s location and exciting city development, the DGDA booked an entire takeover of the Outernet media rooms and spaces on Tottenham Court Road in London to reach the thousands of weekend visitors and increase Diriyah’s consideration as a desirable travel destination, rich in Arabian heritage and culture.

What we did

Taking inspiration from the stunning city development design cues and plans we wanted to recreate this new landmark city within the main Outernet NOW Building. We focused on bringing key physical elements to life, so that people felt they had stepped straight out of Tottenham Court Road, directly into a breathtakingly beautiful Diriyah plaza or square.

Our set design incorporated traditional style seated areas, with comfortable cushions, planting, low lantern lighting and props to help set our scene. Saudi Coffee Servers displayed the warm hospitality of Saudi Arabia providing complimentary Saudi Coffee and dates for visitors to enjoy.

Creating an experience that felt welcoming and encouraged dwell time was our key objective, to entice people into the space, take a seat and enjoy being fully immersed into the visual story of Diriyah as it was being told.

Let's do this